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Pioneering The African Green Hydrogen

About Us

Founded at the beginning of 2022, HydroMaal is the only indigenous company in the Horn of Africa working on the development of the energy transition sector in the Horn of Africa. By utilizing the country’s abundant natural resources (wind and solar), and deploying existing and future green energy production technologies, the company plans to be a major player in the global energy transition solutions, by building the necessary renewable energy value chains and infrastructure to accelerate and scale up the production of, cheap, emission-free sustainable energy systems (green hydrogen and green ammonia) as part of the decarbonization of the local, region and global economy and reduce the impact of climate change.

Who We Are

HydroMaal is the first and the only company in the Horn of Africa working in the green energy sector, and plans to become a part of the global energy transition solutions by providing affordable and reliable green energy for the markets.

Our Vision

The term “energy transition” refers to the change of the global energy system from fossil fuel-based sources, which contributes to the major share of greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions - main driver of climate change, to renewable energy sources with sustainable with zero emission, and thus, mitigating climate change impacts. The transition involves a structural transformation in the production and consumption models of the fossil-fuel-based energy system. This means, facing out the use of fossil fuel as a source of energy. Nature-based energy solutions, such as wind and solar energy are expected to play a crucial role in the global energy transition and decarbonization strategies of the global economy. Throughout the world, the energy transition is gaining momentum occurring on the global, national and regional scales – a change primarily driven by government policies and consumer preference, change in investment patterns, development of revolutionary clean energy technologies, and considerable reduction of the cost of renewable energy. For the Horn of Africa, the renewables-based energy transition has the potential to create huge socio-economic benefits. The region, in particular, the coastal area in Somaliland is endowed with unparalleled abundant renewable energy (wind and solar) and has one of the strongest potentials for producing low-cost renewable energy in Africa or perhaps anywhere in the world. Preliminary data suggest that onshore wind power could generate between 30,000 to 45,000 MW per year, whereas solar power could potentially generate an excess of 2,000 kWh/m2. By utilizing these infinite natural resources (wind and solar) and the deployment of advanced technologies for green energy production, it is our vision to be a major player among countries bridging the global energy transition, from source to service.

Our Mission

Through strategic engagement and building strong partnerships with local, regional, and international energy industry, green energy financiers and other organizations working in the energy transition discourse across the world, HydroMaal plans to play an important role in strategies aimed to decarbonize the world economy by developing and leading sustainable energy evolution in the Horn of Africa to contribute to the growing regional and global demand for green and sustainable energy.

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